How was your experience today?

Ivana BekicIvana Bekic
10:41 11 Mar 23
Not worth it- DO NOT PREPAID for memberships! It won’t work 50% of the time (technical issues) and guess when it especially won’t work - when roads are super dirty and when you need it the most. So after waiting for half an hour in line you would just give up and pay out of your pocket additional money anyway just to have your car barely washed. Did it so many times; after I realized what are they doing just cancelled my memebership. And I have been a member for couple years already.P.S. Pink elephant car wash is wayy better choice in Anchorage!Alaska Laser Wash (Owner)2 hours agoIvana, we have over 8,000 members on the monthly wash program and no one else is having the same problems you are experiencing. I know that one location today had an electrical issue, but the Everwash app has been reliable and the number of re-washes due to bad washes is less than 1%. I have to wonder if you are not affiliated with Pink Elephant. They do an okay wash and if you don't come clean they will wipe the dirt off when you are leaving so you don't know it. We are sorry to see you go.Response to your answer:If you take your time and press on “lowest reviews” on all locations you have, you will see people repeatedly having same issues. No, I’m not the only one. I wish I read everything before signing up but instead of it came to this point for me to do so. And no, I have no affiliations with any car wash in town, but I was recommended by many of my friends and coworkers to that car wash, until I tried it month ago or so and liked it. I still didn’t want to switch over for the price increase comparing to yours.I don’t think it has to do anything with the app neither since after 15 m wait time on the phone call you answered and still couldn’t start wash neither. 30 other cars that were coming and turning around since they couldn’t use car wash while I waited patiently I believe counts in someone else having troubles but me. Last 4 times in a row I attempted to use your wash it didn’t work, and that’s in time of 2 months. Last time lane was open without blocker on it or “X” sign - I scanned it, it wouldn’t start neither it would scan me other lane for purpose of “24h”.Now, after all the time and troubles I’ve had with you, plus your response that didn’t try to resolve anything but to question credibility of my review, I am so very excited to pay more elsewhere. If anything is true what are you saying, over there at least there’ll be someone to wipe the dirt off for me, I won’t have to do it myself like most of the time I do need to at your place. Also try to listen more to your consumers it might work out better next time
Zach StohrZach Stohr
06:56 08 Mar 23
Have had the wash pass membership for years. Last month got a notice that our grandfathered program was to end and the far more expensive EverWash was to replace it. Wash pass went from $50 for two cars to almost $80. Sorry way to treat long time customers, and for 60% more the cars still mostly come out dirty.
Tiffany ParkTiffany Park
19:52 29 Jan 23
I have gone to this location twice. I paid for the highest level wash. After the first wash I noticed the panels of my truck had not come clean. I figured it was road grime. I gave the wash another shot a few weeks later and again, dirty truck sides. I have taken the truck home and tried to wash a few areas. Unfortunately it appears the wash didn't clean the truck, then laid a layer of wax on top of the dirt. I will have to take the truck for a professional buffing to remove this layer of wax to get down to the dirt and clean the truck. This is a brand new truck and I am disgusted that I have no recourse. These companies have you taking the risk with no recourse for issues and there is clearly no reason to have the option to pay for a premium service if the base layer of dirt isn't cleaned adequately. I give this zero stars.
Joy Nunnery-BatesJoy Nunnery-Bates
01:34 02 Nov 22
I really love the convenience of Alaska Laser Wash. Although, I have had them accidentally charge my card for my monthly plan twice, they fixed the error, leaving me to not be able to wash my car for like two days. But two days is nothing. The workers are often willing to help if you need them. And my car is always so fresh and so clean thanks to this touchless Alaska Laser Wash. Get the membership, it's worth it.
Collin BatesCollin Bates
22:36 20 Feb 21
My vehicle wasn't very dirty but the weather made it seem like a good time to get my vehicle washed. I decided to go for the top tier wash. For the amount of money that I paid, I feel that my vehicle was not cleaned well enough. The rear of the vehicle and the lower quarter panels still have dirt on them. I understand that it is a touchless system and so maybe jets aren't able to remove all of the road grime but I expected my vehicle to come out cleaner than it is. Pictures attached. The Jets and blowers worked well and the cool colors really impressed the kids, and the top portion of my vehicle is well cleaned.
Joseph GicewiczJoseph Gicewicz
14:33 24 Apr 23
Great place to get a quality wash of your vehicle. All bays are automatic access is easy and the price is competitive with other places. They offer free vacuums on the side as well.
Michael HicksMichael Hicks
01:17 14 Apr 23
Best Car Wash In Anchorage, Hands Down. 5th Avenue Highly Recommended. Tell JEB his bed is made and waiting for him. If he wants it. Unfortunately may be taken by JM…..anyway, blindness apparently runs in my family.
Margaret TarkingtonMargaret Tarkington
16:10 19 Mar 23
Very disappointed with this location during my last visit. Paid $22 for the extended care wash and after the system got halfway, with soap still on my car, it opened for the drying process. The response on the phone was good, the attendant that came to help was not professional. I was able to get the soap off, but not the quality of service I expected. Things happen, what and how it is corrected reflects true value.
Nathan HarrisonNathan Harrison
06:09 07 Jan 23
It was open unlike most of the car washes around town, it is winter so the truck wasn't completely clean after. But cleared the ice and snow from under the truck. I was happy.
Kevin PattersonKevin Patterson
01:48 01 Jun 22
Worst wash ever. Got top wash at $22. Rear window and sides of vehicle still very dirty. Terrible job. A rip off..... only the hood got clean. Rest was no different. Very disappointing......
Chloe JonesChloe Jones
02:52 27 Mar 23
Great wash. The staff have kept the buckets of soap stocked for pre scrubbing. Line can sometimes be long but I dont mind waiting.
Melissa Garcia JohnsonMelissa Garcia Johnson
18:04 11 Mar 23
I purchased a monthly Wash Pass that is supposed to be used at all Alaska Laser Wash locations. When I pulled up to this Wash, none of the kiosks had QR codes attached for me to scan and use my membership. It’s definitely frustrating that the monthly pass is advertised as being useable at all locations but clearly is not.
Gege SoteriaGege Soteria
03:29 26 Aug 22
The only 2 laser washes that I go to is old seward and dowling and lake otis. They have free vacuums, scent deodorizers and cloth towels in the stalls. The technicians are men only and their all nice and make sure to keep the trash bins emptied and keep the surrounding area tidy. I only have the basic package and I'm glad to have found a quality and convenient car wash. They do take away the vacuums at 730pm.
Jennifer EberwineJennifer Eberwine
16:59 07 Mar 22
This was after a car wash here. No prewash like I've seen at other places for the caked on stuff. No attendant on duty and no one returned my phone calls even after leaving a voicemail. This is my third time I've had issues at this franchise. I would recommend other places if you actually want your vehicle cleaned.
H. Jeff PerryH. Jeff Perry
02:33 08 Oct 21
Sadly the last 3 times I took my new car through it has been awful! This car is close to the ground and the washer just doesn't fmdo a good job on the bottom half of the car. Really disappointed, it got worse each time, now I am going to have to do a hand wash and its so cold already. I've had better experience with larger vehicle in the past...IDK? It didn't even clean the back window.
Mr RichMr Rich
03:12 03 Apr 23
Honestly, pretty bad. I went this morning and paid $18 for a wash just under ceramic coating wash, and when I got home not even 3 miles away, making sure to avoid water and staying back from vehicles ahead, when my car fully dried, it was legitimately no different from when I brought it in. The worst part, I even took the time to pressure wash at home to help take some dirt off before arriving, just to get better results...TL;DR - Pretty bad...
Dedrick PouncyDedrick Pouncy
19:14 11 Mar 23
This used to be a really good car wash. Lately it is super problematic. Most of the time I come here, it takes the payment and doesn't allow the door to open to give the car wash. Instead it says pull ahead when available, but doesn't opens the door after paying. Today after waiting in line for over 35 minutes.... it did it again.😡 I had three cars behind me, and the machine malfunctioned again. I had to get out and have all three vehicles behind me move🤦‍♂️
This car wash did an amazing job. While I think the picture helps put things into perspective, my vehicle was in way worse condition when I showed up. After driving from Georgia the whole back end of the car was caked in salt, snow and a quarter inch of ice. I'll definitely be coming back. And great job to the owner for staying on top of communicating with the customers.
21:43 26 Nov 22
Different prices than the ones listed on the website. Don’t matter what option you get weather it’s the cheapest or the most expensive one, your car/truck isn’t going to be as clean. It will leave visible uncleaned spots.
Sarah ChinnSarah Chinn
02:12 13 Jun 22
Update: management responded to my review (see below) and we received a free car wash and because we were there during the day we could use the vacuums. Also, they have the prewash buckets and scrubbers out during the day. Thanks for the prompt response and rewash!Went here last night around 8:45pm and the wash was ok. My car was very dusty from a road trip. I was bummed out that even with the $15 wash there was still noticeable dirt in the bottom part and on the windows. Also, I had no idea the vacuums were shut off in the evenings so that was pretty annoying since I needed to clean the inside of my car too.
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