WashCard is easy, fast and convenient. Choose your wash, swipe your WashCard in the WashCard reader and enter the wash bay.

Click here to purchase a WashCard online. You can purchase a WashCard in any amount and add money, check its balance and print receipts through our Account Portal.

Give us a call or click on the blue button to the right to purchase a WashCard (907) 336-8373.

Fleet Services 

We offer discounted fleet services.

Business and commercial accounts receive additional benefits and savings when contracting through our fleet services department. A detailed invoice is sent to your business, allowing you to view the date and time of each wash within that billing period.

Each card in your account can be programmed for an individual person, vehicle or department. You can have as many cards in your account as needed.

Give us a call to talk about commercial discounts or to purchase a WashCard (907) 336-8373.