Touchless Wash

This revolutionary cleaning method features the wonder of robotic arches that move across and beside your vehicle, covering every square inch. Road chemicals and grime are cleaned off hard to reach rocker panels, the backs of bumpers and moldings and grill areas. Your car emerges from the final rinse spotless and well maintained.

 Just as a good mechanical maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your vehicle, so does a regular washing program maintain its exterior finish and shine. Road salts, chemicals, water and ultraviolet rays can destroy your car’s protective barriers and accelerate pitting and rusting, eventually destroying the finish. The undercarriage is especially prone to this damage, because many of the areas are out of sight. Frequent washing protects your investment and projects a
positive image.

Alaska Laser Wash pioneered Touchless Vehicle Washing in this state. We save you and your car from the hose-and-bucket approach and the “traditional” brush washes which trap sand and dirt and scratch your car’s finish. Alaska Laser Wash uses only soap and water to remove the dirt and grime that adheres to metal. Our powerful
undercarriage wash blasts away caked on mud that rusts wheel wells and rots door seals.

 This is all accomplished with state-of-the-art chemistry that actually uses less than half the water of "traditional" car washes. The touch free automatics precisely measure each vehicle for optimum cleaning, and a two-step soap process eliminates dirt without the destructive "sanding" action of friction washes. Our high quality waxes and sealants are essential to good car care, and they are followed by a "spotfree" water rinse and a blow dry as you leave - all in less than FIVE MINUTES and starting at $8!!!! Compare our Laser Wash with the sloppy wet mess you struggle with in
your driveway!

In addition to using less water, Alaska Laser Wash disposes its wastewater according to Federal and State environmental regulations. Most people don't realize that driveway and parking lot washing releases harsh chemicals, oil and grease into storm drains and groundwater which flow, untreated, into our streams and ponds, polluting and causing great harm to fish, wildlife and habitat.