Steps to a Cleaner Car

And here's why:
• Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments.
• Washing your vehicle by yourself can harm the finish, leaving scratches or a dull haze.
• Home water pressure is not strong enough to remove all cleaning solution residue, which can also damage the finish.
• From an Environmental and Economic standpoint, you use a lot more water at home to wash your vehicle than we do.
• Newer acrylic finishes on vehicles require consistent upkeep to look their best, and can be damaged by home washing.
• Vehicles parked outdoors should be washed often to remove tree sap and bird droppings.
• Professionals mix the proper proportions of cleaners and finishing products, taking the guesswork out of vehicle care.
• Save time and effort by washing your vehicle with us.
• Your vehicle looks GREAT when you leave, and retains value.